IA solution for insurance verification of documents

Dataleon helps you analyze important customer information via a powerful KYC platform in less than a minute using artificial intelligence.

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An AI KYC solution to automatically pre-qualify your underwriters' credentials

The insurance sector is under double pressure to automate the processing of customer files in record time and pure players in the field are innovating more and more.

Fonctionnalité #1
Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

Define your Know Your Customer (KYC) plan and make it happen with Dataleon's intelligent insurance fraud and automated verification solutions.

Automated processing of subscribers' supporting documents

Document analysis and KYC processes are often outdated, manual and have many bottlenecks. Dataleon helps you verify important information with AI

Fonctionnalité #3
Fraud prevention and risk management

Paradoxically, as processes become more automated, insurance companies become more vulnerable to crime, fraud, anti-money laundering and policyholder identity breaches.


10+ AI KYC APIs available now for insurance

Dataleon is the ultimate solution for creating unique and powerful online experiences through AI and machine learning. Explore our pre-built and ready-to-use AI models to meet your specific use case starting today.

Gain clarity when analyzing entities and connections between data. Identify unprecedented opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.

ID card
Driving licence
Proof of of residence
Car registration document
Checks for missing documents
Verification of signatures present
Analysis of the declaration form
Other personalized document

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With automated document verification, you get a complete identity verification solution.


Couple AI models to create a powerful decision making process

We are able to provide you with a powerful decision-making tool within your company.

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30+ AI APIs available

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Organised & personalised

KYC documents
KYC Verification
KYC Analyst
KYC Analyst
KYC platform

Are you ready to shape the future of the automated enterprise?

Eliminate data silos. Gain clarity when analyzing entities, connections between data. Identify new opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.

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Don't just take our word for it

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Dataleon has allowed us to save more time in the deployment of our solution, thanks to their automation and no-code solution with artificial intelligence.

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Sonia Chetioui
Financial Consulting
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Dataleon’s financial data conversion solution has saved us time for our technical staff while allowing us to offer other services to our customers. 

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Quentin rochias
Customer Success Tech @AGICAP
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The Dataleon platform’s scalable solution allows our teams to focus on high-value tasks and improve onboarding for our customers

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Laetitia Gascon,
Customer Success Tech @VIRGIL
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Thanks to the Dataleon solution, and their AI engine and excellent support, we were able to implement the data processing in less than 3 days.

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Arnaud Cluzel
Managing Partner
@Æque Principaliter

Frequently asked questions

Does Dataleon provide support?

Dataleon provides support to its Dataleon users. We have a team of dedicated machine learning engineers based in Paris who work from 9am to 6pm CET. However, you can send us a support request outside of these hours and one of our support engineers will respond to you as soon as possible. The best way to reach our support team is to send us an email at

Are my files deleted after processing?

Yes, your files are deleted. When processing your document or image, we create a temporary container. After processing, your image and the container will be deleted. Your data will no longer be accessible, even to Dataleon.


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