Data privacy and security

More than 30 leading-edge companies trust Dataleon to help them process their data using AI. Protecting our customers' data is at the heart of our concerns. That's why we apply the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

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Your data stays safe with Dataleon

Our platform has been designed to be used by professional users in compliance with the strictest security standards.


Your treatments are private and remain so, even internally. Users do not see the title or content of items that are not shared with them.


Your data and the temporary container (server) are deleted after the end of the processing, as well as the AI results from our systems.

ISO 27001

Our servers (ISO 27001 certified) are located in France 🇫🇷, and support HTTPS and the latest version of TLS. The RGPD standard is taken into account.


Thanks to 3 years of research in AI, our solution allows you to guarantee 95% accuracy for a strong automation even in real time.

Protecting your privacy

Dataleon is RGPD compliant, providing a highly secure environment for every customer. To ensure this, we have invested in regular audits of our technical infrastructure by third-party cybersecurity firms.


We are committed to constantly respecting the best security standards. Thus, our hosting infrastructures are certified ISO 27001:2013, SSAE16 SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, guaranteeing the inviolability of your data. In addition, third-party service providers carry out automatic penetration tests on our platform on a daily basis and we carry out complete security audits of our infrastructure.

Servers in France

We have made a commitment not to release any customer data outside of France. Even with our technology partners. Furthermore, we delete the data directly after processing. During the processing phase, no access is possible, even by the Dataleon team.


Frequently asked questions

Do you store the user data that is sent to your API?

We delete the documents and data after processing immediately by default. However, we can grant you a delay of up to 2 weeks in case of manual changes to the data results, but the documents are deleted.

Where do you store this data? On which servers, in which regions?

We currently have 2 EU data centers in France for AI processing with our Cloud partners. Eu-west-1 at AWS France in Paris and eu-west-2 at Dassault Systèmes French sovereign cloud in Roubaix.

Is it possible to delete this stored data upon request?

Yes, by default we do not store any data after processing (5 minutes maximum processing time). However, we can grant you a delay of up to 2 weeks for long processes. You have the possibility to ask us for a certified analysis and audit report of deletion on our servers

Are humans manually accessing user data?

No, at Dataleon confidentiality is paramount, no one has access to the production even our super-administrator! Isolated, temporary Docker containers are created for each process with no outside access allowed for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Do you make the data anonymous or do you protect the personal data?

Dataleon is RGPD compliant, and provides a highly secure environment for every customer. In addition, we have developed technology to automatically anonymize and encrypt data.

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Don't just take our word for it

Dataleon has allowed us to save more time in the deployment of our solution, thanks to their automation and no-code solution with artificial intelligence.

Sonia Chetioui
Financial Consulting

Dataleon’s financial data conversion solution has saved us time for our technical staff while allowing us to offer other services to our customers. 

Quentin rochias
Customer Success Tech @AGICAP

The Dataleon platform’s scalable solution allows our teams to focus on high-value tasks and improve onboarding for our customers

Laetitia Gascon,
Customer Success Tech @VIRGIL

Thanks to the Dataleon solution, and their AI engine and excellent support, we were able to implement the data processing in less than 3 days.

Arnaud Cluzel
Managing Partner
@Æque Principaliter

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