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AI platform for automatic data processing

Dataleon aide les entreprises à automatiser et optimiser leur prise de décision grâce à l'intelligence artificielle, pour obtenir de meilleurs résultats pour leurs clients.

Fonctionnalité #3
Compliance Connect
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API KYC Vérification d'identité
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API KYB VĂ©rification d'entreprise
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API Proof of address
Fonctionnalité #1
Accounting Smart
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API Invoice
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API Bank statement
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API Ticket de caisse
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automatisation disruptive

An all-in-one tool for disruptive automation

Fonctionnalité #3
vos clients

Processus plus rapides, expérience client améliorée grâce à une interaction personnalisée et moins d'erreurs dans le traitement des informations.

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vos collaborateurs

Libération des tâches routinières, opportunité de se concentrer sur des activités à forte valeur ajoutée et développement de nouvelles compétences.

les dirigeants

Efficacité opérationnelle accrue, réduction des coûts et prises de décisions basées sur des données précises.


We direct the cerebral energies of your employees

Automatiser l'analyse de vos dossiers clients et pré-qualifier les données entrantes par l'IA de Dataleon en temps réel dès maintenant.


Your data stays safe with Dataleon

Our platform has been designed to be used by professional users in compliance with the strictest security standards.


Your treatments are private and remain so, even internally. Users do not see the title or content of items that are not shared with them.


Your data and the temporary container (server) are deleted after the end of the processing, as well as the AI results from our systems.

ISO 27001

Our servers (ISO 27001 certified) are located in France 🇫🇷, and support HTTPS and the latest version of TLS. The RGPD standard is taken into account.


Thanks to 3 years of research in AI, our solution allows you to guarantee 95% accuracy for a strong automation even in real time.


Don't just take our word for it

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Dataleon has allowed us to save more time in the deployment of our solution, thanks to their automation and no-code solution with artificial intelligence.

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Sonia Chetioui
Financial Consulting
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Dataleon’s financial data conversion solution has saved us time for our technical staff while allowing us to offer other services to our customers. 

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Quentin rochias
Customer Success Tech @AGICAP
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The Dataleon platform’s scalable solution allows our teams to focus on high-value tasks and improve onboarding for our customers

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Laetitia Gascon,
Customer Success Tech @VIRGIL
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Thanks to the Dataleon solution, and their AI engine and excellent support, we were able to implement the data processing in less than 3 days.

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Arnaud Cluzel
Managing Partner
@Æque Principaliter

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